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The Shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat has its historical origins in the chapel of Santa Maria that Count Wilfred the Hairy donated to the monastery of Ripoll in the year 888. In 1025, Oliba , Abbot of Ripoll and bishop of Vic , founded a new monastery in the chapel of Santa Maria de Montserrat. Before long, the small monastery received pilgrims and visitors who contributed to raising awareness among the people the stories of miracles and wonders wrought the Virgin.

In 1409 , the monastery of Montserrat became independent abbey. Between 1493 and 1835 , a period of deep reforms , growth and esplandor , Montserrat was part of the Congregation of Valladolid. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , the monastery of Montserrat becomes a cultural center first order . School music composers Montserrat arise .

The Napoleonic War (1808-1811) and the confiscation of 1835 brought the destruction and neglect. But in 1844 the restaurant of monastic life and in 1881 , on the Feast of the Coronation of the Image of the Virgin , Pope Leo XIII proclaimed Patroness of Catalonia. The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) meant that once again had to leave the monastery . However , the Government of Catalonia Montserrat preserved looting and destruction .

Currently, Montserrat is modernized to continue serving the pilgrims thousand years later of its foundation.

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