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A good excuse to come sightseeing and activities with children Moià : The prehistoric caves of Toll ( near Barcelona ) . If you want to make a tourist route and learn more about the history of Catalonia and Moià , visit the COVA DEL TOLL and the Archaeological Museum of Moià. We offer activities for children: workshops , guided tours ...

COVA DEL TOLL , located in the Moianès area , in the municipality of Moià ( Catalunya ) is one of the prehistoric caves of Europe richer in wildlife Quaternary .

Daylight Saving Time (March 8 to 11 December)

Saturdays and Sundays: Open from 10:30 to 14: 00h and 15:00 to 18: 30h

Holidays , long weekends , school holidays Easter, and Day 1

July to August 31 . Open from 10:30 to 14: 00h

Winter time (December 12 to March 7)

Saturdays and Sundays : Holidays and Bridges

Open from 10:30 to 14: 00h

* Last visit 30 minutes before closing

Closed: 24, 25 , 26, December 31 and January 6 1.5

A prehistoric caves are located in Moià (Barcelona ) in central Catalonia with a total of 1,148 m . deep, the visitable part is 180.55 m . and is L-shaped

This prehistoric cave (Catalonia ) is divided into two sectors :


Occupied by prehistoric man .

GALERY EAST(80,55 m.)

Bordering , crossing or passing over the river course , the cold and crystalline (intermittent river) water.


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