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Cardona is a town 30 minutes from Manresa with a large medieval heritage

Built on a mountain from where the central basin dominates Cardener , Cardona castle was from the eleventh to the fifteenth century , the residential center of the lords of Cardona. The geographical location of the castle responds to the need that formerly had to be able to have absolute control of the territory.

The set is divided among the stately halls and exhibition of canon of St. Vincente . Highlights include the Tower of the girl -from where one has a privileged view of Cardona - The Ducal Courtyard, the defense bastions or views over the valley Salino , physical and natural framework within which the salt outcrops are located in surface .

The canonical San Vincente, unitary work of the eleventh century , is a magnificent Romanesque example which has a basilica with three naves , auctions for transept where three semicircular apses are attached . The central nave is dominated by a wide presbytery and is covered with a barrel vault of half point. Under the presbytery there is a crypt , which occupies the entire space and Priestly central apse . They also highlight several mausoleums and tombs , such as the Duke Ferran Y and Count Joan Ramon Folc I.

he Foundation Cardona Històrica performs the service Guided monumental castle of Cardona , where currently is located Whereabouts Tourism visits .

The historic center

The historic center, declared of cultural interest in the Historic Group category , has highlights that you can not stop if you visit Cardona band .

In urban areas of the town are the church of San Miquel . Unlike Santo Vincente, he was the parish church of the merchants. It consists of a Gothic nave and two side . Inside the temple include the two side altars . We must also highlight the octagonal crypt where the relics of the Holy Martyrs are kept holy and holy Ermenter Celdoni . Strolling through the historic center will also find the square of the Fair and Market Place, two points of the city, throughout the year are the scene of the many activities held in the village.

Without moving from the square of the fair, under the laps of Aimines we find the Cardona Medieval Centre . A permanent exhibition , with a large graphic and audiovisual repertoire, explains the genesis and evolution of the villa to the construction of the walled town .

Cultural Park of the Salt Mountain

The visit to the Cultural Park of the Salt Mountain offers us the possibility of knowing the saline outcrops of Cardona and the unique natural and cultural heritage that make this a unique place to the world. The park is located within the former facilities of Mina Nieves, one of the most important holdings of potassium salts in Europe until 1990 . There you can see the Salt Mountain and enjoy a museum area , as well as extraction wells and the machinery of one of them .

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